The Energy Transition Education Network aims to strengthen education and training provisions for a sustainable energy future by fostering collaboration amongst leading institutions and experts.

Key activities include:

  • Facilitating exchanges of best practice in renewable energy education and training;
  • Developing curriculum guidance that can be used by education and training providers;
  • Building the capacity of educators to allow them to integrate the latest knowledge on renewables into their teaching practices;
  • Developing knowledge and analytical products addressing skills gaps; priorities and policies.

Teaching for Net Zero Initiative

The Teaching for Net Zero Initiative aims to educate the educators for a sustainable energy future by empowering them with the necessary tools and teaching resources, training, and good practices.

Strengthening renewable energy education at all levels, will be vital for climate action and just transition measures. Educators have a pivotal role to play in ensuring that students have the knowledge, values and skills necessary for a net zero future. Despite this, many teachers lack capacity and confidence in teaching about renewable energy and the energy transition.

The Teaching for Net Zero Curriculum Guide is a tool that will enable educators, as well as education ministries to integrate renewable energy learning into their teaching practices.

Renewable energy educator champions from around the world, will also share their innovative practices for enhancing net zero learning in the classroom.

Transitioning Skills Initiative

The Transitioning Skills Initiative focuses on building the skills and competences required for the energy transition workforce.

The energy transition will transform the economy, creating millions of new renewable energy and transition jobs, while also requiring the mainstreaming of green skills and competences in many existing occupations. There is growing concern that the acceleration of the transition will be impeded by skills shortages in many key areas. As such, urgent action is needed to scale up education and training efforts including the upskilling and reskilling of current works as well as preparing the fast-growing youth demographic to join the workforce.

The Transitioning Skills Initiative will convene leading experts from education and industry to develop skills roadmaps for key workforce development areas including analysis of skills demands and guidance on best practice and curricula.